About Us

Bill and Judy Knight established Fish Aquariums and Stuff in 2001. They have always had a passion for sea life, and would be delighted to help you with yours.

Fish Aquariums and Stuff is Idaho’s largest aquarium store specializing in Freshwater, Saltwater and Corals. We have a focus on customers needs and helping you with any problems you may have before or after setting up your aquarium.

There are fish and products here that you won’t find anywhere else, and the service is even better than their stock. Everyone there is knowledgeable and friendly and they’re really willing to work with their customers. They’ve never minded talking at length on slow days, and have even fixed a light ballast for me at no extra charge (other places were wanting $40+ for those 15 minutes of work). They also have used tanks and stands for sale at a cheaper price.

Only one other store in the area even comes close to this place for quality and selection. They each have their own specialties and are the best at what they do well, along with catering to the average aquarist’s needs. If you’re into saltwater setups or need lighting etc for a high-tech freshwater tank, this is the place to go.

— Dev. C.